Thursday, February 17, 2011

Microsoft Community Contributor Award 2011

Just around a week ago, I had blogged about completing one year of active participation in the Microsoft communities. Today morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see the following mail in my inbox

MCCA letter

I am deeply humbled (and a little worried on where I would place the MCCA logo on my already overcrowded sidebar Smile) on receiving this and hopefully, the access to complimentary resources will act as an extra motivational factor for me to continue my activities. Well, enough of the boring acceptance speech and time to flaunt my latest logo


MCCA certificate


  1. Congrats bro!!!
    I also received this yesterday, happy blogging :)

  2. @Rahul : Thanks dude! :) and another big thanks for all the good advices you give me for building up my blog...

    @Boyan : Thanks a lot Boyan...Feels really nice coming from one of the best experts in the industry :)

    @Manoj : Thanks bro, and well done for your award too...

  3. hurray !!!! is all i can say,....Well done.

  4. Nice achievement Jason, well done!!
    (yeah, I'm running behind on going through my RSS feeds :-))

  5. @Rakesh : Thank you bro...

    @Valentino : Thank you, it means a lot coming from you.. :)

  6. You're welcome Jason! Some weeks ago I got a nomination as well (from a Belgian MVP) but haven't heard from Microsoft so far. I guess I'm not active enough to qualify yet?